About Muswell Hill

Opened in December 2015 in the heart of Muswell Hill we offer every child a rich and stimulating nursery experience while working in close partnership with parents. With state of the art resources and a spacious, bright open plan environment, a diverse range of inclusive classes and trips are included which you and your child can attend regardless of whether they take place on days when your child attends or not. We also use an industry leading online learning journey called Tapestry with which we can work even more closely with you to nurture your child's development and confidence at all levels.

Before starting with us, there will be an opportunity for your child to settle throughly and to discuss his/her individual needs. We operate an inclusive approach whereby all families and children are welcome.

"Our daughter's time at Magic Finchley has
been ideal; the staff are professional and caring,
the management is courteous and accommodating,
and our little girl really came out of her shell,
progressed in many ways, and made some fantastic friends."

Stay & Play

Once you have gone on our waiting list we offer a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know the staff and for your child to interact with them and the other children. Simply ask a member of management to book you a Stay & Play session and you can bring your child into the nursery and stay with them for an hour in the room they would be joining. You can enjoy as many of these sessions as you wish leading unto your start date, and they are completely free.

We looking forward to meeting you!


97 places for ages 3 months to 5 years.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 6.30 pm (except Bank Holidays and from 1pm on Christmas Eve until the first working day of the New Year)

Other Features

  • Full and part-time sessions available
  • Delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which supports all aspects of Learning and Development
  • Extra curricular activities also available such as music and dance, physical exercise and drama classes for the under fives all at no extra charge
  • Fingerprint biometric access system in operation
  • Fees include nappies, baby toiletries, formula milk, all meals and snacks, trips to theme parks, museums and the theatre, extra curricular activities and drinks
  • We accept all childcare vouchers and participate in the Free Entitlement Scheme
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